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Get 500-1500+ enhanced wedding photos.

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Your exclusive photographer for:

7 hours


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Bridal Photos

Every wedding photography client receives a complimentary photoshoot for bridal or engagement photos.

About The Photographer

16 years. 200+ weddings. 15,000+ miles. 50,000+ followers. 2,000+ raving reviews.

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No travel fees within 100 miles then $0.80/mile

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Receive on average 1000+ pro enhanced photos

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Unlimited photo downloads at high resolution

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Optional second photographer = extra photos

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Prints & photo albums available for purchase

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Wedding Testimonials

Above board all the way.
She blew all my expectations.
I think she’s an artist.
Brandy makes you feel amazing.
She’s photographed both my weddings.
If you need someone to trust, she’s it.
Over delivered.
She was less expensive than my own friend.
She doesn’t charge by the photo.
There aren’t any catches with her.

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