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Hi precious! This is your time to help others take the “shot” with boudoir photography. Be as thorough or as brief as you prefer, this is your voice!

We’re going to take the entries and compile them into a blog long post that helps women, and men, take the plunge you already have. Your words of encouragement and being vulnerable with your experiences may even turn this into a mini series.

We may use your remarks in other places on the website. If you’re not comfortable sharing something please don’t share it here.

We may use your first name and some of your boudoir photography in the post but we will not be giving out your personal information. That is always safe here.

If there is something you want to share but not make it public please include it [in brackets like this]

In this area please describe your thoughts and feelings you had about yourself, about being photographed and what, if any, doubts you were facing.
In this area please describe your thoughts and feelings you were experiencing during our time together in the photoshoot. Please mention if your proir thoughts and feelings had changed.
After the photoshoot was complete and you received your photos and had time to contemplate, please describe your thoughts and feelings about yourself, our photoshoot, and your photos.
In this area please write what you would say to someone, a stranger or close friend, to encourage them to take the step or how they’re feeling about it
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