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Brandywine Photography Opens The Official House of Boudoir In Shelby NC

Brandywine Photography Opens The Official House of Boudoir In Shelby NC brandy wine standing nude on an empty highway September 29th, 2023 Anouncements

What’s Up With The Official House of Boudoir you ask?

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The House of Boudoir is only the most rocking little photography studio around. The House of Boudoir is an exclusive studio, and there no walk-ins allowed. It’s privately located in downtown Shelby NC in a newly renovated historic home. There’s not any nearby boudoir photo shoot locations that I know of except us.

But it’s no ordinary photography studio. The chic House of Boudoir was fully refinished almost entirely from amazing thrifty finds by the photographer, Brandy Wine, from Clover SC. The studio redesign has taken months to complete and many friends have come to the rescue to see this space happen.

In the House of Boudoir studio you’ll find 5 individually themed rooms perfect for almost any intimate photoshoot. There’s so much to cover about the photography studio. You’ll have to read below to get all the details.

The Very First Boudoir Session with Beth.

Beth is a friend and takes to the camera well. She was a great muse for my first photoshoot in the House of Boudoir. We used the Dark Room and The Library in this session.

The House of Boudoir has been a labor of love. I’ve built, owned, and ran other photography studios in the past. But this is is an entirely new concept for me and I’m in love with it.

I started this venture in summer of 2022. Once I located the perfect spot I began my plans to renovate. As with everything, life happens and things took longer than expected. Not to mention the only breaks I ever get is when I travel so I took some time here and there to rest and recoup.

House of Boudoir Photography Studio Rooms

Vintage Paris

Ladies, and gentlemen. Take a moment to relax in the oversized green lounge chair and nestle in with a good book while I slowly undress you with my camera. No no, don’t move, that’s perfect…

Do you know how many books stores I had to visit… how many places I had to go to score all of these authentic vintage books. I think some of them are ancient artifacts 😉

What I love about this room is its masculinity and femininity tied together. Coming home to sit on daddy’s lap just got a little more interesting. To me, the photography room has a deeper eastern European feel to it, much like everything in Paris. It certainly makes me think of the older generations I grew around as a child. Boy, if those walls could talk.

Boho Boudoir

My camera loves the light, and your photographs will too. The boho boudoir room takes this to a new level with windows facing the sun, dressed in white sheer curtains matched with the earthy colors of a bohemian bedroom.

I mean, don’t you just want to strip down to something a bit more comfortable and hop in this clean white and airy bed, on all fours lol? This is one of my private rooms, shhhh doors closed! I cannot wait to shoot you in the boho boudoir photography room.

This photography room will pair with any lingerie style, all skin tones, hair color and/or accessories. I guarantee you will be extremely comfortable. This room is also great for couples & nude photography due to it’s size, light, and amenities. I have plenty of boudoir shoot outfits for everyone.

Bayou Glam

Damn, that’s sexy. It’s just you, me, Marilyn Monroe, and my camera in this Hollywood inspired photography room. We’re going to dim the lights and get very acquainted while I trace your body with my lens.

This has been one of my favorite rooms for many reasons. First, it’s open to the entire home, a spacious and well adorned living room just like your movie actress Aunt in her Chanel slippers and sheer leopard gown.

It’s at the center of everything and with your gorgeous body draped over this brand new vintage designer couch in bold lingerie, you will be the center of everything too. All eyes on you my dear.

Black Pearl

Oh behave, yeah baby. We’re starting to get a little darker in the house of boudoir. I’ve heard of 50 shades of gray, but in this photography room we go straight black. EVERYTHING is dark… including our intentions ♡

Each room has it’s appeal and style that we can swap out during your boudoir photoshoot. In this room, things start to get dark. By the time we get to the end of our list today, we’ll have gone full choker.

For now, we’ll keep it PG and on topic. Seriously though, this is a perfect room to get close ups and let the different light reflections create a unique ambiance that matches your vibe. With it’s dark setting nudes would work very well in here.

The Contract

As long as you do what I say, your photographs will look outrageous, now put these on and be quiet! Welcome to the House of Boudoir BDSM room. In this room, things have gone way past dark. Want to feel complete desire & passion? Strap in, we’re going to have a good time.

Okay, y’all, things just got serious and I for one am looking forward to it. It was my hope here for anyone that’s never stepped outside of a church pew and curious what it feels like to be chained, strapped, crossed, tied and frankly, completely raw in a SAFE environment. Here it is.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the photograph rooms section on the official house of boudoir blog post but this isn’t the end of the story. Oh no, we’re just getting started. In the coming weeks, months and beyond there will be dozens and dozens of lovely ladies having their boudoir dreams made a reality through my photography skills.

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House of Boudoir Photoshoot Pricing

Anyone can book a single session or book a boudoir event with me. House of Boudoir is open year round but not available everyday. Below is my boudoir pricing and details.

**Male guests are only permitted on Boudoir marathon days IF they are participating. This is to maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

House of Boudoir Prices

2.5 House Boudoir Session


70+ soft enhance
$20/pro enhance
Wine & water provided
Lingerie & material provided
2 rooms & 2 wardrobe swaps
Guests welcome

5 Hour Boudoir Session


70+ soft enhance
10 pro enhance
$20/photo enhanced
Wine & water provided
Lingerie & material provided
All access to rooms
Guests welcome

What is a boudoir photo shoot? [define:] Boudoir means a woman’s private room, her bedroom or secret quarters. A boudoir photoshoot is capturing photos of a woman in her private room. Usually undressed and in lingerie or nude and partially covered.

These are not diy boudoir photos with phone. I am a professional photographer who specializes in Boudoir Photography. I shoot boudoir in my studio, the house of boudoir.

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