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12 Boudoir Photos with Amber



Gorgeous tattooed blonde boudoir photos from Brandywine. In this boudoir photoshoot Amber had two wardrobe changes between red and black lingerie. Amber’s photographs show about 12-16 different boudoir-style photography positions.

What I love seeing in this boudoir collection is the difference between dark and light settings. The lighter photos do a good job surfacing her sweet and feminine side while the dark photos show her in a more passionate mood.

Amber is the perfect muse for boudoir at all sizes and I hope this encourages anyone unsure about boudoir photography to give it a shot. As 100s of people will tell you, Brandywine will make you look amazing on camera, and it’s just true.

I want to give Amber a round of applause for her boudoir photoshoot!

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