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100 Boudoir Photos with Jessica



Jessica M is a boudoir photography client of Brandywine Photography. In this gallery of boudoir photos are 8 different settings and styles we used to capture her amazing vibe. Jessica was a natural with boudoir photography and I hope this boudoir photoshoot amplified her already amazing confidence.

Boudoir Photography by Brandy Wine

We shot this boudoir photoshoot in Charlotte NC on location. Some of the shots are outdoors on the rooftop. Other photos were capture in a more intimate setting. Take notice of the many different elements of lighting that were used. The boudoir outfit choices. The settings of the photography. Everything you see is carefully staged by Brandywine Photography to capture only the best boudoir photos.

All boudoir photographs were soft enhanced. Soft enhancement is a professional term used to describe the effort used to enhance photographs. None of the photos we’re professionally enhanced. That means what you see is 99% photographer skills and 1% software enhancement.

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79 responses

  1. Bridget Avatar

    Love you work I hope I get the chance to be photographed by you one day!

  2. Allison Whitaker Avatar
    Allison Whitaker

    These photos are stunning! What a great backdrop for a beautiful woman!

  3. Meghan Dalton Avatar
    Meghan Dalton

    I love the photos with natural light and windows! All of these are so beautiful and Brandy does such a great job capturing everyone’s beauty!

  4. Nikki Scruggs Avatar
    Nikki Scruggs

    I love these! Gorgeous photos!

  5. Mia Byrd Avatar
    Mia Byrd


  6. Jessica Gearhart Avatar
    Jessica Gearhart

    These are absolutely stunning! You do such amazing work and make all your clients feel so comfortable and beautiful!

  7. Kim Privette Avatar
    Kim Privette

    I feel like every pic I see exudes confidence when I low most women don’t have it in their bodies. Amazing!

  8. Erica Powell Avatar
    Erica Powell

    Beautiful girl and beautiful photos!

  9. Rachael Hyder Avatar
    Rachael Hyder

    Love the bathtub photos!! You are a natural photographer! Can’t wait to see all the photos you take of these gorgeous women!!

  10. Skylar Bowens Avatar
    Skylar Bowens

    AMAZING 🤩 ♥️♥️

  11. Deana Avatar

    Love the variety of scenes. My faves were the last 2! The bathroom/tub ones were gorgeous. She’s a natural model.

  12. Angie B. Avatar
    Angie B.

    Absolutely beautiful and breath taking photos! Brandy never disappoints.

  13. TJC Avatar

    Not only an amazing photographer, Brandi does great making clients feel comfortable. She’s is amazing with lighting and her artistic eye is nothing short of amazing!

  14. Tori lee Avatar
    Tori lee

    Absolutely freaking amazing 😻 love it and can not wait to have the chance to do this.

  15. Allison Hinson Avatar
    Allison Hinson

    Just gorgeous! I have wanted a shoot forever! Brandywine is amazing!

  16. Erica Avatar

    Beautiful photos.

  17. Crystal Pratt Avatar
    Crystal Pratt

    Absolutely gorgeous. Love Brandy. She knows how to make us women fell beautiful

  18. Brandy Avatar

    Gorgeous photos!

  19. Brittany Banner Avatar
    Brittany Banner

    She is absolutely gorgeous! These photos are 🔥🔥

  20. Taryn Lynch Avatar
    Taryn Lynch

    Holy Moly! This are amazing!! I cannot wait to have a session with Brandy!

  21. Samantha Clanton Avatar

    These are beautiful. I love the tub pictures

  22. Ashley Smith Avatar
    Ashley Smith

    You pictures are amazing! I’ve been following for years and wanting so badly to have some of these done!

  23. Collette Scruggs Avatar
    Collette Scruggs

    Gorgeous photos.

  24. Dana Avatar

    Absolutely amazing photos of a beautiful lady!

  25. Kyla Carpenter Avatar
    Kyla Carpenter

    I’ve photographed with Brandy two times and both experiences have been phenomenal! I can’t wait to do it again!

  26. Hannah Webb Avatar
    Hannah Webb

    Brandy is the best! She gives you the confidence and makes everyone look stunning!

  27. Lacey Propst Avatar
    Lacey Propst

    Amazing ❤️❤️🥰🥰

  28. BC Avatar

    I love how confident she looks in all the pictures!

  29. Tina Avatar

    Classy and Beautiful!

  30. Jessica Avatar

    Absolutely addicted to these photo shoots with Brandy! She always makes me feel comfortable and hypes me up the whole time. I always leave with a big ego boost! Can’t wait to try out the house of boudoir!!

  31. Madelyn Hughes Avatar
    Madelyn Hughes

    Love these ❤️❤️ turned out amazing but never expected anything else

  32. Heather Quillen Avatar
    Heather Quillen

    Absolutely the most talented photographer!

  33. Kayla Echerd Avatar
    Kayla Echerd

    These are all absolutely gorgeous. The tub pictures are my favorite!!

  34. Misty Dunn Avatar
    Misty Dunn

    Absolutely beautiful!

  35. Amber McAfee Avatar
    Amber McAfee

    You have the absolute most stunning clients! They are all so gorgeous! I love hearing these ladies talk about how confident and comfortable you made them feel during the shoots!

  36. Heather Bame Avatar
    Heather Bame

    Absolutely amazing!!

  37. Michelle Mullins Avatar
    Michelle Mullins

    Your work is amazing. A wonderful friend of mine told me about you. Her name is Dixie Harris.

  38. Ivy Jacqueline Henrickson Avatar
    Ivy Jacqueline Henrickson

    Goddamn, you are beyond talented! Literally the master of your craft! I’ve been following for YEARS. Hoping I win the damn giveaway! Just a momma trying to feel pretty again! 😩😅

  39. Jennifer Scarborough Avatar
    Jennifer Scarborough

    I love seeing the creativity that is put into these photos.

  40. Juli Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love how the color pops against the background

  41. Margaret Lawrence Avatar
    Margaret Lawrence

    Your work is mesmerizing! I’ve done 4 shoots with you and never did I ever think I’d be addicted. You absolutely know how to shoot. Your vision for each client is personal to them. I’ve never felt more beautiful than when you shot me. You definitely boosted my confidence

  42. Samantha Smith Avatar
    Samantha Smith

    Such an amazing talent! So beautiful!

  43. Cayce Gehring Avatar
    Cayce Gehring

    I have followed you for years and my family has used you many times for many of your services: prom pictures, senior pictures, family pictures, boudoir pictures, engagement pictures, etc.. We are always extremely pleased with your work! Looking forward to this new venture you have started!!!!!

  44. K - Q - Avatar
    K – Q –

    I love the shots from above, with her upside down. The trick it plays with your eyes and changing your brains perception of different things is cool.

  45. Billie Jayne Avatar
    Billie Jayne

    One of my favorite things about Brandy’s work is always the use of lighting. This entire set is so beautiful and the different mood of each location is very cool!

  46. Sarah Luley Avatar
    Sarah Luley

    Brandy’s work is stunning! The way she captures the story in each picture is incredible. I love all of the details in the photos she takes. You can tell she is passionate about her profession!

  47. Jonnie Harvey Avatar
    Jonnie Harvey

    Cannot recommend her more! The absolute best at what she does!

  48. Amanda Poston Avatar
    Amanda Poston

    Beautiful pictures of a GORGEOUS woman! Brandy you are amazing!

  49. Jennifer Ledford Avatar
    Jennifer Ledford

    Absolutely stunning work!

  50. Crystal M Avatar
    Crystal M

    Your photos are a masterpiece.

  51. Cortney Avatar

    I can’t wait to do another shoot! I have never felt more beautiful and empowered than I did during my first shoot!

  52. Lacey Skibo Avatar
    Lacey Skibo

    Can’t wait to do another shoot!!!

  53. Kristin Belanger Avatar
    Kristin Belanger

    Your work is outstanding!!! Hoping to book my 4th session with you soon!

  54. Tammy Love Avatar
    Tammy Love

    Gorgeous photos !

  55. Stephanie F Avatar
    Stephanie F

    Such natural looking poses to accentuate this client’s assets. 😍

  56. Amber Clement Avatar
    Amber Clement

    Absolutely stunning !! That red hair is just so bright an brings out her beautiful eyes !!! Love love love !

  57. Rachel Taylor Avatar
    Rachel Taylor

    Beautiful work as always

  58. Rebekah L. Avatar
    Rebekah L.

    These are gorgeous !!

  59. Chloe Bradshaw Avatar
    Chloe Bradshaw

    These shots are beautiful!! So unique with the rooftop photos!

  60. Britt Banyai Avatar
    Britt Banyai

    Love the hair and outfit choices !

  61. Kristen Avatar

    Beautiful pictures!

  62. Grace Horn Avatar
    Grace Horn

    Beautiful in any light! So photogenic!

  63. Angela Martin Avatar
    Angela Martin

    Stunning model and exceptional photographer!!

  64. Sara Huneycutt Avatar
    Sara Huneycutt


  65. Michelle Necessary Avatar
    Michelle Necessary

    These are so beautiful!!

  66. Shannon Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful and SO sexy!

  67. Ashley Williams Avatar
    Ashley Williams

    These are so amazing. Brandy is so talented!!

  68. Alexis England Avatar
    Alexis England

    Brandy always kills it!! But it’s cool to see the different ways of editing! And Kelly 🔥🔥🔥! Love the lingerie choices!

  69. Dayna Welch Avatar
    Dayna Welch


  70. Dixie Avatar

    Absolutely stunning!! Love your work!


    Beautiful photos & subject. I also love how you explain things.

  72. Christy Avatar

    Brandy I’ve said it before I’ll say it again you are a true ARTIST ,you make us feel so comfortable and beautiful. You are AMAZING ♥️

  73. Stephanie Avatar

    Stunning photos! Brandy, you are so talented!

  74. Alisha Savage Avatar
    Alisha Savage

    Beautiful and sexy! Everything wrapped up into one! Wonderful work like always Brandy!

  75. Angie Smith Avatar
    Angie Smith

    🔥 as always!!!

  76. MARIA WARREN Avatar

    Those are wonderful pictures. Beautiful lady.

  77. Mijai Wallace Avatar
    Mijai Wallace

    Sexy 😍🔥🔥

  78. Kelly Padgett Avatar
    Kelly Padgett

    These photos are absolutely beautiful!!!

    1. Brandywine Avatar

      Thank you very much, Kelly. They turned out incredible.

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